Monday, 26 January 2015

Do we need to suffer before we can fully appreciate pleasure?

As I watch the limp rolled up cigarette between my fingers slowly burn to dust.
I think of my life
All my experiences they have faded into nothing but thoughts.
As I take a deep inhale of the ghostly grey smoke and feel it burn my throat
It reminds me of the pain I felt those nights and how it thankfully didnt last.
As it enters my lungs coating them in a flood of darkness
I begin to think
Do we need to suffer to fully appreciate pleasure?
And is pleasure nothing more than a distraction from suffering?

Keep moving on. Only the present moment exists

Nothing exists but the present moment. Nothing like it shall ever exist again. Take it as it is and fucking embrace it for you shall never have that exact moment/thought/emotion again not just you but no one else ever. All is perfectly unique. Understand that everything is very temporary, everything passes like clouds in the wind, it all moves on, they dissipate and create new. If you are one to hold belief in the theory of evolution then you may agree that new experience is growth and is the procession to more understandment and better ways of dealing with similar encounters that will most definitely appear in the future. So we should be seeking to grow and move on. We should avoid getting stuck in the murky swamp of memories left behind by our past.

chipped tooth

As my thoughts echo
Bouncing off the surgically clean white walls
They slice my mind
Like a stanley against skin

I cannot escape
There out of control
Like the dreams I have
When I go to sleep
I want it to stop
This pounding in my head
Sedate me
Fill me with chemicals
Flood the gates with beer
Please someone
I plead and pray
Cleanse my mind of these
Troublesome ideas

Communication is the key

Why dont we cry like we did when we were kids. What happened? At what point did we begin to think that crying or the expression of suffering was a sign of weakness or inferiority?
Why have we held these feelings good or bad to ourselves? Communication is the key. Through expressing your happiness you shall give others hope and inspiration that there is more. Through the expression of sadness or suffering you shall give others around you a little more understanding for your situation and shall lift a great weight from your shoulders.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Escape the shallow belief system weve been conditioned to believe

Stop focusing on job titles and qualifications, clothing, housing, money, tits, arse, big dick, small dick, dissolve these shallow barriers they mean nothing on the big scale of existence. Explore new lands, talk to new people, improve yourself, discover yourself, accept yourself, live life without judgement of others and yourself, FREE YOURSELF.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

synchronicities - thoughts and surroundings

As we raise our awareness of thoughts and surroundings we begin to realise that every thought we think is projecting a vibration out and into the universe.
The universe is then conspiring to these vibrations and so then manifesting our thoughts into our reality/surroundings. When we are living in the same surroundings and spending our days with the same people then these manifestations are occurring at a much lesser rate. However when our surroundings are changing the manifestations are happening much more frequently.
There is no set time in which thoughts will manifest from hours, days or even years.
When we gain understanding for this it will give our lives much deeper meaning and clarity.

Everything happens for a reason, no matter how good or bad.

society is now so complex its become a world within a world

Humanity has got to the point where materialism has completely taken over and dominated most minds. Many have become attached to objects and are now defining themselves by possessions. We need to realise that we are not the clothes we wear, the car we drive, or the house in which we live. We are humans, individual in thoughts and beliefs but connected by life. The illusion (society) which we have constructed only exists because we believe in it. The issue is that we have become so attached to this belief that we have literally created a world within a world. We need to all work on trying to slowly break away from and dissolve such concrete beliefs for it leaves us no room for understanding the true reality in which we have become so detached from.

ways of becoming a better, more happier person

ways of becoming a better, more happier person

question everything -  don't believe anything whether it comes from your family, friends, media or government unless it corresponds with your own logical reasoning and beliefs.

treat good and bad experiences as teachings- yes no matter how bad or good an experience can be there is always very valuable information to be learned from it. experience shapes our thoughts and beliefs of today they are very important. the bad experiences allow us to appreciate the good. don't let bad experiences control you but rather teach you, suffering is an important part of the human experience and it will allow you to become more empathetic and understanding towards others.

 remember thoughts and emotions are temporary and will pass don't try and block out these emotions but rather embrace them, they are natural and like the clouds will pass over.

live in the present. don't hold onto the past and don't worry about the future, neither exist.

learn to forgive and forget holding onto the past leads to depression and worrying about the future leads to anxiety and fear. through living in the present we take care of the future.

eat healthy!! diet is important. eating shit food will certainly make you feel shit and eating good food will most definitely make you feel good! simple! eating a lot of unhealthy food will affect your mood and put strain on your body eating healthily will provide your body with an amazing amount of energy that will allow your brain to function at an optimum level, this will result in you being able to deal with any problems that may arise in a much more efficient way.

drink plenty of water! this will help your body flush out toxins 

exercise - any kind of exercise is good, it releases endorphins (happy hormones) and lowers stress

get out into nature - going out walks in the woods or country will allow you to connect back into your natural environment. the fresh air is good for clearing the lungs and getting away from all the clutter back at home will give you peace of mind and allow you to think clearly.

meditate daily whether its 5 minutes of 1 hour meditation is a great method for taking time out our busy lives and reminder for us to live in the present moment. there is a lot to learn from meditation from visions and realisations.

pay attention to your dreams at night. not only are they entertaining but it is your subconscious speaking to you. much wisdom and knowledge can come from dreams they always have a message for us.

make it a goal to help at least one person or animal daily its important to give something back, helping others is a great way of sharing love and inspiring others to do the same. don't follow the crowds think independently and follow your inner voice for it will lead you down a wonderful path.

surround yourself with like minded, positive people, people who understand and inspire you, avoid negative influences.

 be creative - you have to start somewhere so start exploring new hobbies from drawing, painting, writing, photography, music

start reading - there is much to learn from books and they improve the imagination

travel - there is a world outside that little comfort zone of yours and so much to learn, meet new people and experience new things, this is one of the most fundamental parts of human inspiration and happiness

don't compete, compare or judge others life isn't a competition we should be out to help others everyone is perfect in their own way just because someone appears to be different from you doesn't make them any less of a person

everyone is your teacher and there is much to learn from your enemies and friends remember we and everything around us is all connected

look up at the stars! looking up at the stars brings interestingly wild ideas to mind. we can often become detached from our natural world and universe by the modern distractions and staring at the stars gives us time to remember where we are

let go of bad habits that don't fulfill your true needs alcohol and drugs can only teach you so much before they begin to hinder your progress on the pursuit to happiness.

find your lifes passion

there are too many people around me, including myself in the past! Who have fallen into the trap of working a job they fully despise getting up in the mornings for. The only thing holding them to this job they suffer so much for is fear. They fear of having nothing, the security of that monthly wage is a great comfort of course. Yes experiencing such nasty jobs is good learning to some degree, it at least lets you know what kind of job you don't want. The problem is when we have reached the realisation that this job isn't for us most tend to carry on with it, thus leading to a complete waste of time and a great deal of unneeded suffering. 
We cannot reach our true potential of good reasoning and judgement if we are in this suffering state. We cannot develop skills or discover new interests if we are sacrificing so much of our time into going to work, travelling to work, getting ready for work, thinking about work!!!
we are human beings, much more worthy than a robot. we were definitely put on earth for a much greater reason than to spend our days in suffering. Escape the rut, free your body and mind. get out there and start living your life!

if you have given your time to read this i fully appreciate it but i ask you one thing. are you happy with your job?

If your not passionate doing what your doing then your wasting your time and should definitely fucking change it.

plans lead to sacrifice.

Iv no plans iv only ideas, a lot of ideas but no plans, plans lead to sacrifice, ideas lead to options and through options I have freedom.

whats your lifes purpose??

My purpose here on earth, in this small existence, is to help people. I have no other obligation or desire but to help and heal. Everyone is here for their own reasons but to me, personally, over the money, the house, the car, the expectations of society (the illusion) I want to help any living soul that crosses my path whether it be ant or human in my eyes we are all the same and equally deserve exactly the same right to a good experience during this lifetime. Everyone is suffering in their own very unique way big or small it doesn't matter. The problem is when we keep these issues bottled up and contain them within ourselves. I feel that through society we have been conditioned to the mind set that expression of feelings isn't significant, good or bad. We need to realise that expression is one of the most fundamental parts to human connection. If we express positive feelings or thoughts it will spread joy and inspiration amongst others. And through the expression of negative feelings or thoughts it shall allow others to become more understanding and will in return relieve the bearer of such a weightful pain. To me its important that we begin to focus on connecting together again, hopefully becoming more open and empathetic towards others like im sure we all once were.

Crazy Christmas Consumerism

My heart goes out to the people who have been under such pressure and expectation to spend ridiculous amounts of money on gifts for their loved ones. Why is there people putting up pictures of gifts they've received as if its some kind of sick competition? The price tag doesn't determine the level of love you have for someone. Spending crazy money on such soulless objects is just alien to me. Why not create something next year? Something that has true meaning, something that you've put true heart and thought into. Not something you've had a quick glance at on a shelf and bought just for the sake of buying.

are people living to work?

Are people living to work?
We have been brainwashed by a society to believe that we are free. However most are living inside a cage of invisible bars. These cages are made up by debt and work, a viscous cycle that keeps people tied tightly to the system. The majority of people are spending around 50 hours of their life a week working jobs they hate which doesn't include the nights spent too tired to do anything and having to go to sleep early to cope with getting up in the morning to repeat this mundane lifestyle, they sacrifice their happiness and true potential. All so they can spend their earnings on a house they pay for monthly, a house that lies empty 50 hours of the week! Those two days of freedom at the end of the week are what most seem to be living for, or they will spend months saving a small percentage of their wage in order to afford a week away in the sun, escaping the harsh realities of their almost purposeless existence. Many believe that they shall find their long lost happiness through the possession of materialistic objects, the clothes, the TV, the new car. And for what reason? Is it because society has us confused with how we perceive success?
Our society is built on corruption, greed and lies. Media which is controlled by governments and big corporations portrays success as having a lot of money, a well paid job, having a big house with a flash car and a good looking wife. It has people worshiping celebrities and living lifestyles they cant afford in result putting them in ridiculous amounts of debt. The news only seems to share bad events, murder, rape, theft. Which in real comparison with the good people of this world is extremely rare however because this negative news is taken from all over the world and concentrated into a television programme it has people living in fear. Through fear we cannot reach our true potential, people live in fear of taking risks, risks that may lead to a better life. They fear leaving the job they complain day in and out about and so go on suffering.
Many of these well paid jobs are merely just another heartless cog in a machine (business) the only thing most of these people enjoy is the salary at the end of the month. They spend their days in and out of work suffering silently counting the days till pay day.
Through all of these negative distractions in our lives humanity as a whole has lost its spiritual connection with the earth and the universe.
The opposite of conformity is courage.
Real success in my eyes is being happy, healthy, content in the moment and having a heart big enough to help and care for others. Its about living gently, respecting the earth we live in and the others we share it with. Its about following your inner voice and pursuing your dreams.