Saturday, 18 July 2015

the nomadic way

The nomadic lifestyle is a journey of discovery. A journey which takes you deep within the self and far across new horizons. It allows access to emotions, feelings, people and landscapes you did not know before existed. It can drag you down to the depths of loneliness, confusion, hunger and exhaustion but in due turn it lifts you up to moments of sheer bliss, appreciation and gratitude for life at point to tears of joy. Everything is intensely alive during this adventure and all is in constant movement and evolution. Relationships are short but electric, the coming together of two souls with no restrictions or social expectations is an explosion of energy. A world where at times you feel like you have nothing soon becomes a world of having everything. Freedom.
The level of growth is enormous, learning so much every day you can struggle to keep up with it however with the long days your allowed much time for contemplation and reflection. Travelling widens your understanding of life's rules.
You realise that nothing is permanent, all is energy not disappearing but changing forms. Every experience no matter how bad or good contains a lesson to be learned.
Every person contains aspects of self.
You realise that where ever you go in the world everyone is still human. They may speak in a foreign tongue or hold different beliefs but all contain love and the seek of connection and approval as most beings we know.
The world can be a terrifying place at times or it can be a beautiful playground for expression and creation. Your perception controls this.
If you truly want something in this life you can have it. But this desire must be put at the top of the to do list. Learn to prioritise your wants, if something is holding you back from that then do something to change it!
Forget what anyone else thinks. Its not their life to make sense of. Seek contentment and fulfillment don't settle for the temporary distractions. Don't live for the weekend but live for everyday you are gifted with. The time is now not tomorrow. Your special, a powerful being, a creator in a complex reality and your life is important so get out and live it.