Saturday, 20 February 2016

seek the real value in life

Many a poor man resides in a large house. Material wealth is artificial and transient. The weight of such will begin owning you, you will become blinded and imprisoned by it. Change your values and you will soon realise that which cannot be bought is the most valuable of all.

nature is the teacher

Like the clouds we must learn to flow with the passing of time and like the waves we must crash to create the new. Nature is the teacher not the classroom.

washed out

Washed out

As the last of tears fill wine glasses to brim
Waves of wind chime each.
Like icicles they hang in fresh breezed air
Before dropping and shattering
Against cold marble floor.

Enough to create rivers
With crash and roar
Memories are swept
From coastline shore

Long were those days
And few are they now
Left only clouds
And a sweet mountain dew.

© 2015 Lewis McDonnell