Thursday, 3 December 2015

conquer fear with love

We are being lead by power-hungry men in suits. They have no wish to represent us as people but themselves in their own comfortable lives. Nothing is changing because we are as a collective not caring enough. I can only imagine while they socialise in their marble floored living rooms, they laugh at us, mock us, call us numbers, battery cells, sheep and we have earned those titles. Its time to stop conforming so loyally. We are being lead blindly and need to begin educating ourselves through books, conversation and online. Not through mainstream media and its terrifyingly brilliant brainwashing techniques.
Make yourself aware of how this system operates and this will allow you to make the conscious decision on whether you want to partake in or disagree with whats in front of you today. Make your own conclusion.
- food industry
- clothing industry
- pharmaceutical industry
- pollution
- gun and drug trade
- global economy
- history
The root of all sin and suffering derives from fear and that's their best method of control. We are much more capable of love than we are the other but we must make huge effort to create paradise within our minds, you are the creator of your own existence.
Learn to forgive the foolish ways of our only human brothers, learn to accept the fate of death and through doing so you will realise there is nothing to fear. And nothing to be taken too seriously either! Quit taking part in activities which cause pain like the job you complain about so much. Have a long hard think about what you might want to achieve in this life of yours, don't be afraid of failure or judgement. Find that passion of yours, that spark and chase it, grow old with it, capture it and die with it.
Live your life in a state of gratitude and empathy, leaving behind only footprints of love. This creates a ripple effect.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

winter nights

Purple sky and black crows
Fill the air thick.
Wind it ripples the frostbit leaves to sleep
And like the chatter of my mind
The black crows squeak
In a fretful pitch
Bringing together the end of a day.

© 2015 Lewis McDonnell