Friday, 8 April 2016

Life sculpts warriors

To live and learn is our duty. 
Experience creates wisdom and books teach knowledge. But without the wisdom one cannot understand the books.
Life carves blocks to sculptures through its thunder, wind and rain. Till one day leaving them to dance nature’s songs under sunshine. Chips are chiseled from their sandstone shells till heavy blows penetrate their dense marble core. A painful process the crumbling of being as the cracks grow deeper with every tear but it is only then that weight is lifted and that light shines in.
A warrior does not only know light but the darkness in which he was once lost. He now knows peace because he has felt rage explode. He now knows love because he has felt a hate do harm. He now knows happiness because he has cried for days in sadness. He now holds the highest respect for life for once he prayed for death. He now knows a place of which he would prefer to reside and a place which he is no fool to return.
Now he stands strong to the north wind, filled with a knowledge for which words cannot explain.
Life is a journey where beauty comes not without pain.

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