Friday, 8 April 2016

Life sculpts warriors

To live and learn is our duty. 
Experience creates wisdom and books teach knowledge. But without the wisdom one cannot understand the books.
Life carves blocks to sculptures through its thunder, wind and rain. Till one day leaving them to dance nature’s songs under sunshine. Chips are chiseled from their sandstone shells till heavy blows penetrate their dense marble core. A painful process the crumbling of being as the cracks grow deeper with every tear but it is only then that weight is lifted and that light shines in.
A warrior does not only know light but the darkness in which he was once lost. He now knows peace because he has felt rage explode. He now knows love because he has felt a hate do harm. He now knows happiness because he has cried for days in sadness. He now holds the highest respect for life for once he prayed for death. He now knows a place of which he would prefer to reside and a place which he is no fool to return.
Now he stands strong to the north wind, filled with a knowledge for which words cannot explain.
Life is a journey where beauty comes not without pain.

Monday, 28 March 2016

lets protect mother earth

if people would escape the concrete hives and venture out into the woods they would begin to realise just how truly beautiful this planet is and how important it is to protect it.
we must realise that it is us who belong to earth not the other way around.
the damage being done to this earth is the damage we are doing to ourselves and is a direct reflection of humanities lack of compassion.
we should always be aiming to become more mindful each day of what effects our actions are having on our surroundings.
as residents of this earth it should be our obligation to protect and care for it.
dont let the clutter for modern societies trivial goings on distract you from the real issues. life is much more important than the clothes you are wearing or the tv shows you are watching.
it is now that we must begin to stop working for profit and begin sharing our rewards. what a beautiful world it would be if everyone lived for others and not just their own selfish desires.
there is no doubt in my mind that this will be possible when awareness is raised. its time to come together as a community and stand for something that deep down we all care about.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

love is our currency not money

I feel that a main problem within society is the lack of community.
Since schooling we have been taught to compete with others through exam results and sports. I feel this kind of individualistic competition has left a firm imprint on most minds which has resulted in many collecting and hoarding money and objects. Many are addicted to the short thrill of watching digital numbers rack up and gathering cars and clothes. This kind of individual then presents their collection to the world like a trophy in an aim to prove to others his/her self-worth. This is the most artificial and deluded sense of success which instantly represents no value when they walk past the countless numbers of suffering humans without any sense of compassion or desire to share and help. What is it one is lacking so much of to keep them in this mindset of seeking a step up from the next man??
Surely what they are lacking is love and what they are misunderstanding is that money is limited and that love is infinite.
To achieve a state of true fulfilment one must be filled with the infinite.
And to be filled with the infinite one must look within themselves to understand that they are already complete.
One who is rich in heart understands that they are a part of something much greater than just the individual self.
They understand that the brothers and sisters they share this existence with are on equal level to them.
They understand that all they need is the basic essentials which really deep down we all know is enough to fulfil us.
Love, food, water and shelter.
If you have all of these you are rich. Stop moaning, comparing and competing for that attitude will be the death of your true beauty. Anything more than that is a luxury which we should be grateful for but not craving over. If you have more than the next person it should be your greatest desire to share.
We are all one, a family. What is causing suffering is the delusion that we are separate from that homeless person across the street. We are not!! Your sharing this unexplainable fairy tale with that person, he or she is a family member, seek to help them if they are in need.
Gestures with pure thought, love and effort speak louder than a flicking of coin to cup. Maybe buy them some food which profoundly shows those in need that people care and that their life is appreciated.
It is actions like such which give people hope. And it is hope which lifts people up and out of the darkness.
There are many good people of this earth I am not denying that but we should be constantly reminding ourselves to help whoever in whatever situation.
If you are rich in love you will realise it doesn't run out when you share it with others, if anything it grows stronger and expands throughout all that it touches.
Love is our currency not money.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

All is a reflection of self. The beauty you see in me is the beauty which exists in you.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

stand for truth

If you have to stand alone through wind and rain with only the faith that what your doing is right. Then so be it. And on that day of sun your soul shall rest with its knowledge that what you have lived for is truth.

do not fear the unknown

A lot of beauty awaits you in the depths of the unknown. Don't fear it.

Sun shall shine until all must yet again sleep in a ponder and preparation for its next step.